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Keegan Lanier is a service industry professional. Starting at age 13 in his grandfather’s furniture store to Wendy’s, Logan’s Roadhouse, Bonefish Grill and currently working with Walk-On’s Bistreaux & Bar as the Director of Ops Support.  Keegan is uniquely positioned to deliver on operational needs, but has also designed, coded and built websites for over 20 years.  It was a few years ago when Keegan got serious and took on his first web design clients.


Instagram is both a portfolio and motivation hub.  Daily quotes and highlights of design clients are showcased there.


Twitter is where the fun really starts.  I’m highly engaged on twitter and it is the easiest place to connect and really get to know me.


Facebook is ol’ faithful.  I don’t spend as much time on FB as I used to, but it’s a great place for live video and I share articles that are inspirational, motivational and tactical.


Snapchat is where things may get a little weird.  I take you into the daily work and fun. Dinners, late night work sessions, moments of motivation and the middle of the mosh pit at a metal show (yep, I do that). Nothing is off limits.

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Written form of my journey to success

Hair Growth : My 2017 Journey to Donate & Document

When I was in high school I saw someone who was growing their hair out to donate and it stayed in the back of my mind until early in 2016. At that point, I decided I would let my hair grow to experience the process. Their was a lot of craziness during the process. Some cool stages and some really ugly stages…

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Instagram Has A New Update and It’s Awesome

Instagram Got An Update 🙂 I've put together a video that will take you through some of the updates Instagram recently released.  This update is another small step in the right direction.  It isn't a massive overhaul, but it does introduce functionality and UI tweaks...

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"Keegan went above and beyond to design the ultimate website for me. He was incredibly easy to work with, creative with new ideas, and awesomely skilled in the tools of the trade."


Corky Gainsford

Professional Drummer

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I can't wait to get to know you and your brand.  I'm looking forward to a great partnership that will help change the space your brand occupies on the internet.  Let's start talking today.  If you aren't ready to commit to a new website just yet, that's cool.  Let's connect on social and get to know one another before we make any commitments.

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Keegan Lanier is a professional in the service industry.  As a 15+ year veteran of the restaurant industry, Keegan is experienced in single and multi-unit operations as well as concept development. As a 20+ year veteran of website design, Keegan has seen the internet explode into a mobile first world.  He is ready to bring your brand into that world.
  • You can't fake growth. If you work hard and stay focused on the goal, you'll see growth, but it takes sacrifice...
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I can't wait to bring this one to life 🤘
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