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Keegan has spent his entire life creating.  It all started with legos and grew into websites early in junior high. The early days were passion in it's purest form mixing website design with the World Wrestling Federation and Rollercoasters.  Keegan learned to code websites from scratch (basic HTML) and was soon more interested in building the website than updating content the sites were originally designed to support.  Fast forward to college and Myspace was king! Do you remember myspace and the abundance of horrible site overlays with flashing graphics and flames?  Keegan spent time working with bands to make the exact opposite of those overlays.  Today Keegan works with brands who want to upgrade their digital presence with a website design that is functional, clean and represents their brand.

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"Keegan went above and beyond to design the ultimate website for me. He was incredibly easy to work with, creative with new ideas, and awesomely skilled in the tools of the trade."


Corky Gainsford

Professional Drummer

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Keegan Lanier is a service industry professional. Starting at age 13 in his grandfather’s furniture store to Wendy’s, Logan’s Roadhouse, Bonefish Grill and currently working with Walk-On’s Bistreaux & Bar as the Director of Ops Support. Keegan is uniquely positioned to deliver on operational needs, but has also designed, coded and built websites for over 20 years. It was a few years ago when Keegan got serious and took on his first web design clients.
  • How much do you enjoy each day? I'm trying to focus more on enjoying today and look to reach future goals at the same time. It's a work in progress 😬
  • If you are in need of a website redesign, let's talk. (Link in bio)
  • Every day is a trip. Make it a good one!
  • How do you @Instagram?
What are you trying to accomplish with your business or personal brand?
  • @instagram is changing quickly. Coming very soon, I'm putting my thought, experiences and best practices into a free course. What would you want to make sure is covered in that course?
  • Whatever you want to do in life, don't cut corners when learning the basics. They will help elevate you to greatness.
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