written by: Keegan

Build A Custom Divi Menu

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Watch the build process

The Divi Theme Builder has arrived and we’ve tested it out…

We’ve built a new header menu effect using the theme builder.

Building a custom Divi menu takes more skill than simply dragging things in to place. This will change soon (See Theme Builder Sneek Peak). As of today, we will still have to add a little CSS to create a custom divi menu.

In today’s tutorial we show you:

  • how to build a custom menu that stands out from the basic Divi menu.
  • the code to drop into Divi Theme Options.
  • where to place this code.
  • bring it all comes together.

You will find a free download of the Divi Theme options .json file below. This will allow you to import the code directly into Divi Theme Options. If you aren’t sure how to use the .json file, learn how to master the Divi import/export tool.

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