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Most Recent Divi Tutorials

Setup Hover Effects Using Divi

Creating Button Hover Effects Creating Hover Effects in Divi is a simple and powerful way to create micro-interactions on your site. In this video we are showing you how to create these effects using a Divi button. This technique can be used on almost any module...

Build An Apple Style Header Using Divi

With the introduction of the Theme Builder in Divi 4.0. our control has been taken to a completely new level. In this tutorial, I will show you an apple style header that looks like the one on apple's own website. It is fixed to the top on desktop and fixed to the...

Create Popups, Overlays and Modals using The Divi Overlays Plugin

Why Use Divi Overlays? Popups are one of the most widely used features in online marketing. They are awesome but can be equally awful if used the wrong way. Divi Overlays makes it easy to create popups including video, modals, exit-intent signups for your newsletter...

How To Make A Divi Website in 30 Minutes

In today's tutorial we walk you through the basics of how to make a Divi website in less than 30 minutes. We start with a basic WordPress installation and take you through a website which has multiple pages, full layouts (provided by Elegant Themes) and a full menu....

Build A Custom Divi Menu

We discuss how to custom code a unique menu using the Divi Wordpress Theme. Follow along and you will have a unique menu in minutes.

How To Use Divi Layout Packs

So you’ve downloaded a shiny new layout pack… now what? Today we will take you through the process of settings up a Divi Layout Pack

Mastering The Divi Import / Export Tool

Portability is crucial to an effective workflow. Divi is a portability beast! I build all sites in Divi so that I can reuse blocks of design in future websites. What You'll Learn How to use the import/export tool built into Divi.  Reference Steps: Go into the...