written by: Keegan

Mastering The Divi Import / Export Tool

Tutorials / Mastering The Divi Import / Export Tool

Portability is crucial to an effective workflow. Divi is a portability beast! I build all sites in Divi so that I can reuse blocks of design in future websites.

What You'll Learn

How to use the import/export tool built into Divi. 

Reference Steps:

  • Go into the theme customizer of the wordpress installation of which you want to copy theme settings.
  • Select the up and down arrow icon.
  • Click on the export tab and save the .json file.
  • Name your file and select the blue export button.
  • Go into the new wordpress installation and return to the customizer.
  • Click the up and down arrow icon and this time select the import tab.
  • Go to browse and then select the file you exported from the original wordpress installation.
  • Select import divi customizer settings and everything from the original wordpress installation will be copied into the new wordpress installation.

This is a very simple, but powerful process.

What Is Divi?

Divi is an incredibly versatile theme platform to use when developing a wordpress website. Elegant Themes has done an incredible job with Divi. The community of both users and developers are very active. This makes it simple to find a solution to nearly any problem you run into with Divi.