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19: Are You A Perfectionist... Let's Talk

Being a "perfectionist" is a lie we tell ourselves (me included). In this episode, I unpack these thoughts and get honest with myself about what I call perfectionism. Find this episode at

18:Partnering With Other People For Leads And So Much More

Lead generation directly connects with increases in sales. In this episode, i'm sharing a few tips for lead generation, some industries i've approached to partner with for lead generation and the impact it can have on your business. I've also started playing with the idea of a Side Hustle VIP club to get early access […]

17: Let's Talk About Burnout

In this episode, I'm sharing my thoughts on feeling burnout. It's real and we have to acknowledge it. My area has been hit with a few hurricanes in the past year, plus a global pandemic and so many other factors that can consume our mental energy. Burnout is dangerous. I'm sharing my thoughts so that […]

16: The Place I Spend The Most Time Connecting (it's not a social network)

As the years go by, I am less and less concerned with the number of followers and likes. I'm more interested in stronger connections with fewer people. I want to help and be helped by passionate, driven, entrepreneurial-minded badasses. I've found a community of exactly those types of people and I'm spending nearly all of […]

15: The Power In Building Your Business Slowly

The benefits of building slowly are never noticed until you're farther down the road. When I started side hustling, I'd hoped I'd be closing in on six figures within a year or two. Truthfully, sometimes my eyes are bigger than my stomach. I feel like something is so easy because I can see the finish […]

14: The Biggest Mistakes I've Made in My Side Hustle Journey

Mistakes will happen. I've made plenty of them. It's not important if they will happen. The most important thing is how you react when they do happen. In this episode, I share some of the biggest mistakes I've made so far in my journey. Share your mistakes with me and let's talk through them at […]

13: How I Handle Work Outside The Normal Scope for Clients on My Care Plan

Staying within the scope of a project is CRITICAL. Today i'm sharing a few mistakes made and some ways to help stay on track. Get Started with Siteground today > Checkout Josh Hall's Web Design Club >

12: The Basics of Running A Successful Care Plan

In this episode, I walk you through my tips for running a successful Care Plan aka Maintenance Plan. I've made a few mistakes and had some big wins with my care plan. We'll go through all of those today... Check out this episode and all of it's details over at If you're interested in […]

11: How A Promotion Has Me Adjusting My Side Hustle

Side hustles can be amazing. They can also make you crazy if you do something just for the money. You have to find things in life that you love. I've been side hustling for a few years and have always been torn. I love my day job. I love my side hustle. Recently, I got […]

10: Containing The Craziness of Juggling Multiple Projects

Juggling multiple projects and sometimes even a single project can be A LOT OF WORK... In this episode, I talk through ways to reduce development time, systematize your work, and how to keep clients on track. As always, let's continue the conversation over on my website at Today's Sponsor This episode is sponsored by […]

9: Not Feeling Alone When You Work Alone

When you operate as a solopreneur it can get lonely. The work can keep you isolated. One of the best things I've found to keep me motivated, on the edge of creativity, and happy has been finding awesome communities. Elegant Themes has built an incredible community around the Divi theme and so many great developers […]

8: Productize Your Web Design Services

In this episode, I talk about how you can productize a service business and ultimately why you should! Check out this episode's sponsor Divi Space for incredible plugins for Divi and WooCommerce at

7: Simplify and Clarify Your Message

In this episode we discuss finding your ideal client, why you shouldn't say yes to everything and so much more. Learn about creating systems for your web design business > Simplify your message and make your client the hero >

6: The Cost of Choosing The Wrong Theme

Businesses succeed or fail based on strength of their processes. Choosing the right theme framework to use for your website design projects is as critical a choice as the hosting platform. Today we are talking about a few different builders, the cost associated with them both in the short and long term. We'll talk positives […]

5: How Should I Price Projects?

Pricing is the hardest thing to nail down. Go too low and people think you're cheap. Go too high and expectations can easily misalign with what's delivered. The right number is never easy to find and it will take time, but the right approach to pricing is as important as the actual price. We discuss […]

4: Remaining A Student of the Game

The minute you stop learning, someone passes you up. It's important to find a space where you are surrounded by people who challenge you to learn more and execute better. Track down industry leaders and consume their materials. Search for leaders in adjacent industries... Marketing / Conversion Design - Wes McDowell at SEO - […]

3: Do I Even Need A Side Hustle?

Do you even need to consume your free time with a side hustle? There's a major question I ask in this episode that will help you find the answer that's right for you. There is no one size fits all answer, but we talk through the possibilities and find the answer.

2: The Mental Struggles Associated With Starting A Side Hustle

Starting something of your own can be anxiety-inducing. The doubt creeps in. The insecurity creeps in. We start asking ourselves questions designed to stop us in our tracks... What will my boss think? Am I not dedicated anymore? Will I get fired from my current gig? What will my friends think? Will people judge me […]

1: Welcome To My Journey From Side Hustle To Full Time Web Designer

Welcome to the Side Hustle to Full-Time Web Designer podcast. I’m a corporate professional by day and side hustling web designer by night. I’m inviting you to come alongside me as I take my web design side hustle full time. I’ll share the highs, lows, lessons learned, resources, and strategies I learn to help you […]

The Re-Launch is Near

Join the journey as I document my wins, losses, and lessons learned. Together we'll go from side hustler to full-time web designer. Keep up with all the latest at the brand new

130: MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT - Are You Ready For The Journey?

I've had a lot of really insightful conversations lately and they've made me think about what I want, where I want to go, and what I want to do. This podcast has been an incredible way for me to connect with you and also to keep up with new things in the WordPress space. After […]

129: Are You Finding The Right motivation?

Finding the right motivation can seem tough, but motivation can come from places you'd never expect. In this episode, I talk about things that motivate me today and some from the past. Take a listen and share what motivates you with me on Instagram @keeganlanier Follow me on IG >

128: I Checked Out Oxygen Builder & The Results Were Surprising

Listen weekly, share your latest projects with me on Instagram and you could win free access to my Divi Foundation Course. In this episode, I dive into the results from my latest website build for my new website I took a chance, built the entire site using the Oxygen builder and I'm here to […]

127: Let’s Talk About The Importance of Community

Today, I'm discussing community and how it impacts mindset, networking, and creative direction. I'll be talking about the benefits of being in a paid community and what benefits I've seen from being in Josh Hall's Club ( Check out our YouTube channel > Listen to Josh Hall's Podcast >

126: Divi's New Global Color System is Here

Today we're talking all about the newly released Global Color System for the Divi WordPress theme. We talk about the system itself and the best way to update your website to the new system We answer the questions... What is it? How to update your site to it. Building new sites using it. How everything […]

125: We've Got A Major Announcement For You

Change is in the air. We've got a brand new name, but the same mission. We are sharing WordPress tips with up and coming, hungry freelancers who want to change their life by earning money to build websites. Leave Us A Review Learn more on my website

124: 2020 - A Year In Review

We wave goodbye to 2020 and start looking ahead to 2021.

123: 3 Simple Automations For Your Web Design Business

In this episode, we talk about automation that will help your business take up less of your time. Automations discussed in this episode Email Marketing Follow Up Email Templates / Canned Responses Divi Design Templates Episode Sponsor > Divi Foundation Course

122: Our Business Software Stack

In this episode, we walk you through every platform nd piece of software we use to run our business. Get all resources at Watch The Full Video at

121: 3 Popular Features To Avoid On Your Website

In this episode we are sharing 3 features that are still popular, but need to go away now. Divi Foundation Course > Find this episode's content on our blog >

120: A New Era of Divi (and us Addicts)

In today's episode, we will talk about the Divi community, the Divi Marketplace and some changes we are planning within our own agency. The Academy

119: The Present and the Future of Divi

In this episode, we finish season 8 strong with a talk about the current state of Divi as well as where we think Divi will go in the next year. We also share a little insight into some changes coming to the podcast.

118: Rolling With The Punches and What's Next

In this episode we share the results from our poll and talk about what's on the horizon for the podcast. We also talk about the current state of Divi and the importance of finding satisfaction. Divi Foundation Course >

116: Top 5 Plugins For Every WordPress Website

In this episode, we share our top 5 suggested plugins every website should include. SEO - Yoast SEO Cache - WP Rocket Usability - Duplicate Page Image Optimization - Smush Pro Spam Protection - Antispam Bee Protect your website with the proper site insurance > Get A Website Safety Plan Today

115: Top 3 WordPress Website Building Tools

In this episode, we share our top 3 favorite tools for building websites inside of WordPress. Divi Theme Builder Oxygen Builder Gutenberg Check out the Oxygen Builder > Join The Academy >  

113: Building A Foundation For Your Divi Website Development Business

In this episode, I share three courses that can supercharge the startup process as you transition into website development. - Divi Foundation Course - Divi Business Experts Course - Josh Hall's Web Design Course  

112: Why We Still Use Divi

In this episode, we revisit and update episode 3 from roughly two years ago. We thought it was about time we checked in to see if the reason we love Divi is still viable in 2020.

111: Divi Sticky Options and Listening To Your Gut

In this episode, we talk about BRAND NEW DIVI STICKY OPTIONS!!!! We also discuss mental health, taking time when you need it and not being afraid to follow your feelings into Hustle Mode or Chill Mode. Check out the Academy for Divi Layouts and Courses!

110: Does Your Business Need A Website in 2020

In this episode, we answer the question "does your business need a website in 2020?". The question is complicated. The answer is crystal clear. Listen to get not only the answer, but also my thoughts on why the answer is what it is. Visit our website ->

109: What hardware (and software) we use to produce content

In this episode, we share the current setup and why we're building a new system to upgrade our production and content process.

114: 3 Simple Mistakes Made When Building A Website and How To Avoid Them

In this episode we are sharing 3 things most new website developers miss which can cause issues down the road. We give you the solutions to fix theme before they ever become a problem.   Hosting: Flywheel > Image Size: > Smush Pro >

53: Picking The Right CMS

Choosing the right CMS (Content Management System) is a pretty easy choice. WordPress powers a majority of the internet. In this episode we talk about why WordPress is right for your project, regardless of your website needs. WordPress Resources vs (they are wildly different - hint** choose Divi Resources (awesome education on […]

38: Starting A Podcast With Anchor

In this week's episode, we talk about how you can start a podcast using Anchor. It's an amazing tool and one that is changing the podcasting game. If you have a topic you love and want to talk about it, Anchor makes it silly simple. What topics do you want us to cover? Let us […]

44: The Hosting Battle: Flywheel vs A2 Hosting

In this episode of Divi Addicts, we have the hosting battle showdown!!! A2 Hosting goes head to head with Flywheel. We discuss the pros and cons of each platform, then we give our opinion on which one is the WINNER! We want to continue this conversation with you over on twitter so find us here […]

43: Divi Feature Update!! Transform Effects

In today's episode, we return to our roots! With Elegant Themes announcing the rollout of the new transform features, we spend our time talking about the features and how this is another HUGE step in the right direction for a theme that already delivers so much!

42: Divi Builder vs Elementor Pro

In today's episode we have the ultimate showdown! Divi vs Elementor Pro. We help you find the answer to the question, "which builder is for me". If you love Divi and haven't made the leap, you can Get Divi Today. You can also get Elementor by visiting their website.

41: Why We Manage Our Business Using 17Hats & Divi Blog Latest

In today's episode, we talk about 17Hats and why it's the solution for us. We also discuss some of the latest blog posts from the Elegant Themes team related to Divi, Design Packs and Quality of Life. Learn more about 17Hats!

40: Are You Ready To Build Your Own Website?

In today's episode, we discuss a couple reasons why you should start your own website today.

39: Are Premium WordPress Plugins Worth It?

In this episode we discuss whether or not premium wordpress plugins are worth the money... If you want to start your blog or business website, we got you covered. Visit Keegan Lanier Media's website to get started with an awesome managed WordPress website (we do all the heavy lifting for you)! If you want to […]

37: The Benefits of the Divi Switch Plugin

In today's episode, we discuss benefits of using the Divi Switch plugin from our good friends at Aspen Grove Studios and Divi.Space. Maximize your efficiency using this "swiss army knife" of a plugin. It helps take the things we've all done using custom CSS and places them in a beautiful UI that fits into Divi […]

36: How The Divi Visual Builder Has Evolved

In this episode of Divi Addicts, we discuss how the Divi Visual Builder has evolved since it's original release. We also talk about how people have been apprehensive about giving it a shot and why you should test it for yourself. Let us know your thoughts on the Visual Builder here.

35: Basic On Page SEO

In this episode, we discuss basic on page SEO and what plugins we use to make sure Google's knows who we are. Check out the full tutorial video: Watch Now See More Tutorials: Visit Keegan Lanier Media

34: How To Exclude Items From Divi Search Results

In today's episode, we take you through a step by step process of how to setup and exclude posts, pages and any custom post type from your Divi search results. Check out our blog for accompanying video tutorials.

33: Build A Clean Blog Grid Using Divi

In today's episode, we talk about Building a Clean Blog Grid With Divi and what we plan for 2019. Find the full blog post here This episode is sponsored by  

31: How To Setup Google Analytics Using Divi

In today's episode, we try something a little different. We walk you through the steps to setup google analytics using wordpress & divi.   Find the accompanying video over on YouTube We can't wait to hear your thoughts on this episode.  

30: How We Rebuilt Our Divi Website for 2019

On this episode of Divi Addicts we discuss the Keegan Lanier Media website redesign and the system we use to back up, stage and transfer websites You can find the accompanying blog post here. Check out ManageWP here. If you love Divi Addicts as much as we love making it and you want to support […]

29: Divi Addicts Future

in today's episode we discuss the future of Divi Addicts and say a massive congratulations to Divi Chat on episode 100

28: Draggable Sizing

In today's episode we talk about draggable sizing. It's the latest sneak peek feature from the Elegant Themes team on what's coming up in Divi.

27: Dynamic Content

Today's episode is all about Dynamic content. We talked about how we're using it in our latest projects and what this may be laying the foundation for next with Divi

26: Hover

In this episode we dive into the hover options released this week. let's discuss how we will use the newest edition to the Divi feature set.

25: 1-1 Engagement & YouTube Resources

In today's episode we discuss one-to-one engagement and the amazing resources elegant themes has on their YouTube channel. We also ask for your feedback on how we can directly impact the success of your business

24: Quick Actions

In this episode we discuss the Quick Actions "coming soon" feature from Elegant Themes. Most have been a slam dunk for success, but this one could be different. Let's discuss...

23: Wooooooooo

Today we are talking about the sneak peak of Divi's Woocommerce modules. We are amped to start creating custom, creative shop pages when this new feature officially comes out!

22: All The New Things!

In today's episode we discuss extended styles and the brand new transform features coming to the visual builder.

21: New Column Options

In today's episode, we discuss the latest update to Divi. This update brings more column structure options. We can't wait to see the designs that take shape from this update.

20: WordPress Basics

In today's episode we discuss our upcoming FREE wordpress basics course. We are excited to give back to the community and provide huge value for anyone interested in getting started with wordpress.

19: Support Center

In todays episode we talk about the sneak peak Elegant Themes just released for their new Support Center. This one is another non-sexy upgrade but this is a huge leap for developers

18: Drag & Drop Functions

In today's episode we discuss the latest feature to join the Divi feature set. Drag and drop is something we never knew we wanted but are so happy we have!! Jump in and enjoy a quick discussion on Divi's latest feature

17: Divi Business Experts Course

Todays episode is a little different. We talk about the Divi Business Experts Course by Tim Strifler and David Blackmon and why we joined. We talk about the first few lessons and also Tim and David's Divi businesses.

16: Gutenberg Support Is Here

In this weeks episode, Gutenberg support is here! Plus we talk about Divi extended styles 👍

15: New Feature & A Shout Out

In this weeks episode, we discuss the latest released feature in Divi and we through out a shout out to Tim Strifler and David Blackmon who are launching their Divi Experts course on August 1st! We are joining in and can't wait to share the lessons learned in upcoming podcasts!

14: Multi Select

In this week's episode, we discuss a brand new Multi-Select feature Elegant Themes is building into Divi in the very near future. We can't wait to get our hands on it and try it out.

13: Divi Builder on Fire

This weeks episode is all about Divi Builder. From Custom Post Types to a late sunday sneak peak you'll want to hang around until the end to hear about. This weeks episode is another fast and furious update on all things Divi.

12: Global Default Features

In this weeks episode we discuss new features from Divi. We are going to see new global features in the visual builder!! These new features will allow you to style each module one time. After you complete the global styling, every time you add the module it will already be styled the way you set […]

11: New Color Picker!!!

In this weeks episode we discuss a brand new color picker that will live inside of the visual builder. We discussed how this will reduce development time as well as help craft a stronger color palette.

10: Find & Replace Features

In this week’s episode we discuss a brand new feature coming to Divi called “Find & Replace”. Imagine Microsoft Word Replace inside of a website visual builder!!! It’s a reality we will soon know!!

8: Divi Rollback Feature

Today we talk about Divi rollback! If youhave ever updated wordpress and wished you could step back, divi is helping make that happen, at least for the your theme!

6: Filters and Flow

Today's episode covers a brand new filter option from Divi! This feature helps with workflow and really speeds up the process of building a website. We are unbelievably excited to talk about this new feature today!

7: Divi Library

In this week's episode, we discuss the Divi Library and the power it brings to the Divi Theme

5: GDPR & Theme Builder

Today we talk GDPR and the upcoming Divi Theme Builder!!

9: Divi Quick Access

In today's episode we discuss the latest feature release for Divi! Quick Access is positioned to speed up design time and reduce the overall project time to get a website from start to finish!

4: Divi Tutorial Sites

The Divi community js second to none. Today we talk about the blog, and The Divi community is so strong and loaded eithbanazing resources

3: Why Divi?

In todays episode we discuss why we went all in with Divi.

2: How We Got Here

This spisode is a special edition outlining who we are, where we came from and what we use to operate our day to day business.

1: Divi Design Initiative 2.0

In todays episode, we say thank you to all the mom's out there who are hustling to build a family and their business. We also focus on Divi Design Initiative 2.0

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