August 4, 2021

12: The Basics of Running A Successful Care Plan


In this episode, I walk you through my tips for running a successful Care Plan aka Maintenance Plan. I've made a few mistakes and had some big wins with my care plan. We'll go through all of those today.

Check out this episode and all of it's details over at

If you're interested in starting up a maintenance or Care plan, Josh Hall is the guy to show you the way.

Visit his course at for all the details.


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Episode transcript

Keegan 0:34
What's up everybody? Welcome to another episode of the side hustle to full time web designer podcast. This is Keegan Lanier coming at you with another topic, sharing the lessons learned along this crazy journey. So today, we want to talk about the basics of running a successful care plan or maintenance plan or whatever you call it. There's so many different approaches and different ways that you can do this. And all of them can work. It's what works best for you.

Keegan 1:04
And so, before we jump in, I wanted to talk about a sponsor of this video when it's Josh Hall, co specifically his course, on running a recurring maintenance plan business. And it's very specific of the sponsor for this episode. And I'll get into why a little bit later, and the cost and those types of things. But they are going to be in the show notes below, you can check out the course. And it's going to reaffirm a lot of what we're going to talk about here today.

Keegan 1:34
But enough of that, let's jump into the episode itself. And today, talking about building a recurring business with a care plan or a maintenance plan, there's a few things that you have to have in place that are really key, right? You've got to have great messaging, you've got to be able to convey why a potential customer or client needs you to take care of their website. You know, a lot of people don't understand that these things are like phones, high, high end technology, modern technology needs to be updated. It's because people are coming in, they're trying to break your stuff. You know, if you have a high traffic website, people will try to hack your website. And so updating software closes those holes. So it keeps people from being able to access your data, your clients data, all that stuff.

Keegan 2:25
So you need to make sure that you've got at least an action plan in place for the website maintenance. Plugins have to be up to date. WordPress has to be up to date, themes have to be up to date at bare minimum. And so you know, a lot of people will go one or two different ways, they'll either do a all in maintenance plan, or they'll do very basics. Some of those basics don't include hosting. So let's talk a little bit about some of those things, specifically what I'm offering.

Keegan 2:52
So my care plan is $99 a month. It includes premium hosting. It includes plugin updates, WordPress updates, theme updates, and unlimited small content updates. And what that means is changing out images, changing out a little bit of word wording on the site copy on the site. And really that's it it does not go into design overhauls. It, I don't do SEO work. It is just those small things. Some people put a cap on it and give you a free hour of updates per month. Honestly, it's a great sales tactic to use unlimited updates. clients love that because they don't know. They don't track the time, right? They don't track the time. So they don't know when their hours up. And they're trusting you and they don't know how long things take. It just creates a lot of questions.

Keegan 3:51
So for me, I got great, great advice from a buddy of mine, Clay Mosley, he said, You make it simple for the client. When you make it simple for the client, it needs to be something they can understand. And they're not tracking time. So they're trusting you and you don't want to create any friction between that trust. And so unlimited updates, most people will not take advantage of it. Most people won't use it at all honestly. And in some cases they will. And if they use it, that's okay. Because that's what it's there for. It's so those are some things that are included in mine, and it's a monthly recurring cost. And I'll show you how I will I'll tell you how I do it.

Keegan 4:30
I have integrated my site with with Stripe, and particularly I created subscriptions inside of stripe. I take the payment buttons and I implemented them into my website. So when someone signs up for the care plan on my website, it takes them directly in the stripe, they sign up for the subscription and they get charged monthly. That's a little different than the way I do things for web design. Web Design are really kind of quoted out specifically and project based. So You know, that's that's one thing.

Keegan 5:03
The other big part is just being able to take payment, you have to have some sort of payment processor, right. And you've got to have it set up to where this is automated. That's the key to the success of this plan. It has to be automated. And you've got to be able to really continually and accurately take payment every single month. And you'll do that with something like PayPal or Stripe. Personally, I love using stripe, I think the reporting is phenomenal. I've had zero issues with it. And I did switch from PayPal to stripe a couple of years ago. Proper pricing is something else, that's key. There's going to be a messaging and a value proposition. And you have to be able to convey the value of what you're what you're trying to give to your clients. And so it's really important that your message and the whys behind what they need, are really, really clear and also how they sign up and what they're going to get every month.

Keegan 5:59
My care plan also includes monthly reports, it includes some security plugins. So there's a lot of things that go into this care plan that protect the website. And there's a lot of premium add ons that are part of the care plan, you know, it's WPMUDev, all of the plugins from them, they get smush Pro, they get formators Smart crawl Pro, so a pro SEO plugin, you get the Divi theme. There's so many things, unlimited backups daily. All of that is part of this, including premium hosting. So it all goes a very long way. And that's the key. That's that's how you're going to run a really successful really business but in this case, a successful care plan. And it's just making sure that they understand the value of what they're going to get.

Keegan 6:50
And so without really rambling on much more about this, I do want to talk about the sponsor of this episode, because it's really, really pertinent to the conversation that we're having. And that's Josh Hall's recurring website maintenance plan course. And if you're interested in starting up that maintenance or care plan, Josh really is the way to go. I've taken the course is phenomenal. And you can check it out on his website, which we'll link below. And this is going to be a sticker shock, right, it's probably going to sound like a lot of money to some of you, especially if you're just getting started. And the course is $497. There are times a year where you can find a discount, but trust me at $497 it is still a discount.

Keegan 7:39
I know it sounds like a lot. But if you're just you know, if you're kicking things off, you may still have five or 10 clients. And if you convert those 10 clients, even if you only charge them $50 a month, you're gonna pay for it. Right 10 clients $50 a month is 500 bucks that pays for the course and that is in one month. Then you get recurring revenue that just builds and builds and builds. Most people are charging more than $50 a month as I told you earlier, I charge $99 a month for my plan and an includes a lot more than what you know a normal 50 or $60 care plan would. But Josh's course is going to help you with specifics. He's going to take you through setting up stripe integrating with WordPress all the platforms he uses I know he uses ManageWP, I personally use wpm you dev hub. But manage WP is awesome. I have used it in the past as well. He's to take you through every single one of those. And we'll link his his course below.

Keegan 8:37
It is a sponsor of this video as I did mention, so when you click that link, it is an affiliate link. It will help support the podcast so if you use it I would greatly appreciate it will allow us to continue to do and things like this podcast every single week, and support the business that we're trying to grow around this because this podcast is a freaking blast to make. I love coming and hanging out with you every single week. So any little small support is massively, massively appreciated.

Keegan 9:08
But that's really all we've got, you know, the basics of running the successful care plan are really simple. Make sure you have a way to consistently take payment, clear value proposition priced properly and include the things that your clients want. And if you want to get specifics again, Joshua's web design or web maintenance plan course is easily easily one of the best courses that I've taken because it's recurring income. It's it's amazing the level of detail that Josh goes into it. And $497 is really a steal. It doesn't mean I don't always feel like it when you're looking at that price alone. But trust me the value of the content that you're getting is worth so much more.

Keegan 9:54
I hope that you've had an amazing week. I know I have and I'm looking forward to next week coming right back here with you on Another episode of the Side Hustle to Full Time Freelancer podcast. Appreciate your listening, and we'll talk to you soon.


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