September 15, 2021

18:Partnering With Other People For Leads And So Much More


Lead generation directly connects with increases in sales. In this episode, I'm sharing a few tips for lead generation, some industries I've approached to partner with for lead generation and the impact it can have on your business.

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Talking Points
  • Lead generation = sales
  • Partnerships = leads
  • Networking = partnerships
Making a decision to partner
  • Know your costs
  • Know your worth
  • Scenario = Double Number of Clients in a Month
  • - - 2 clients @ 250/month | $6000 annual
  • - - 4 clients @ 250/month - $500/client referral | $11000 annual
  • - - - - Made additioanl $5000 dollars while someone else brought you leads


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Episode transcript

Keegan 0:00
What's up friends welcome back to another episode of the side hustle to full time web designer podcast. I'm your host, Keegan Lanier. And today I'm talking about partnering with other people for leads specifically with other businesses. But before we kick off this episode, I need your opinion. in the show notes, you're going to find the link, it's going to be And at that website, I'm going to be taking your opinion whether you'd be interested or not in exclusive access a few days early to the podcast episodes. If you are vote yes, if you're not vote no. But either way, please let your voice be heard. I need to hear your opinions and whether or not this is something that you would love. But without any further ado, let's jump into the episode.

Keegan 1:24
So you know, partnering with other people has been something that I've found a lot of success in. I partnered with a marketing agency years ago that brought me my very first clients. And it was a great partnership, a really, really good group of people. Honestly, I think I wasn't ready to deliver what they were trying to deliver. Now I worked my butt off, I did a lot of things outside of scope, didn't have my process really outlined very well, I did not have my contracts outlined very well. And truthfully, I didn't even really know the worth of the work that I was putting in. But it was incredible learning experience. And that's what I needed, I needed to learn, I needed to build websites.

Keegan 2:06
And that early relationship brought me great money. And it brought me a really good experience. And so that led into others, I partnered with a with a PR agency. And that's something that most people don't think about. A lot of web designers think, let me go and partner with these marketing firms will a lot of the marketing firms, some of them do web design in house already, because they have the graphic designer and they have a copywriter. And for some reason they think that print copywriting or, you know, other copywriting matches up with with website copywriting, which is a very different skill. And I don't think that enough people fully understand the differences. And I'm not a pro at it. But I do know that there's a different way to write for print, or for press releases than there is to write website copy.

Keegan 2:55
And so, you know, one thing I wanted to do and kind of explain myself through is that I have a very simple formula for why these networking, relationships are so important. And that's it, networking equals partnerships and partnerships, they equal leads and leads may equal sales. It's very, very simple. It's common sense, right? And I'm going to walk you through this scenario. But first, you really got to know your costs, you have to understand your business. Right? How much time is it going to take you to build this site? What type of site are you offering in this partnership? What's the timeline to produce it? What are the costs associated with that both from software themes, plugins, and also the time invested?

Keegan 3:44
Those are all critical parts of knowing the business. And you have to know your worth. How do you compare it to people doing something very similar in the space? I come across it all the time where I see people who are charging way more than I am? And I'm like, Well, what the hell? Why am I not? Because I look at the end results. And honestly, businesses, brands, they don't give a damn how you build your website, they don't care. They don't care about the platform. They don't care about the plugins, they don't care about the themes. What they care about is the end result. They care about the website that works really well for the clients. And it just functions.

Keegan 4:20
So you've got to know your worth. So you can charge correctly. But I'm going to walk you through this scenario. Let's say you go out, you partner with this company. Let's say it's a marketing agency. And you're currently getting two clients per month, and you're charging them $250 per month, and there's no upfront cost. It's just literally $250 a month will build build your site and it's just for ease of this scenario. You're going out you're having to find these leads, sometimes they may be coming in referrals. But let's say you're going out and you're having to generate these leads, you get in two clients, or you have two clients and it's $250 a month that you're getting that means your annual take home is 6,000

Keegan 5:02
Now, let's say you partner with this other company, and they're gonna charge you $500 flat fee referral. If you if they help you double your clients, you get four clients, and they're still charging, or you're still charging the $250 per month. And you have to subtract off the $500 per client referral. So that's $1,000, you're going to pay this person, they're going to bring you two additional clients at $250 a month, that's going to equate to $11,000 income. So that means you've made an additional $5,000 of income and you haven't had to do any of the marketing, you haven't had to do any of the put in your time to go and create these extra two clients.

Keegan 5:46
It really makes sense when you put it into that into that perspective, right. I think it's the way to do business, I think it's the smart way to do business. And the reason for that is, if you put marketing dollars out there, I'm not this is not a bash on like Facebook ads, or any of that stuff, they work really well when they're done, right. And they can be extremely effective. But when you partner with somebody, they have people in their network, you tap into their network, and that network, they trust the person that you partnered with, all you have to do is get the trust of the person you're partnering with. And then by default, you automatically have the trust of the other people in that person's network. Because those people trust the person you've partnered with.

Keegan 6:36
So there are some incredible people out there. And really all you have to do is consume content. Look, I'm somebody, I have content, I make content, I put it out there, you're listening to it right now, I have a network of people, there are people out there who trust me as their web guy. And if there's if you're if you're doing something a web design, that's very niche, if it's very specialized, whether it's DNS, site migrations, it could be SEO could be anything associated. That's an ancillary service around web design. Then you could potentially benefit from gaining my trust as a colleague, you know, some friends of mine, David Blackman, in an episode of Divi space, you know, with Tim Strifler and Josh Hall, kind of coined this term, and created this word that Josh Hall uses quite often. And it's Co Op petition. And that means I'm cooperating with my competition. And in that space, it's it.

Keegan 7:37
Yeah, you know, in most car dealerships, if you look at that industry, one car dealer looks like looks at the other car dealer as competition. And the same could be said in web design. But it isn't, for whatever reason, it isn't as cutthroat. I want to work with other web designers. Because hell, if you're coming up, you might be somebody that I can outsource a product to, or a project to. And it helps both of us, you get paid, you get clients, and we get our work done quick. You know, there's, there's so many other things that you can bring into the fold. Like I mentioned earlier, DNS masters of DNS, that's, that's something that clients don't understand. You know, they don't get that you have to point your domain to your host. There are people who don't get the email situation, where do I get my emails? Where do I check them? How do I connect? outlook 365, office 365, or Google workspace? How do I use my domains with that?

Keegan 8:37
Those are nice services that people can offer and make money at because a lot of businesses need that. And they don't, they don't want to manage it, or they don't know how those are, there are so many different things like that, and that are great reasons to partner. I have partnered with people outside of web design as well. I partner with marketing agencies, I partnered with PR firms, nothing is really off limits, if it's connected in some way. So a business needs you to be their web person, they're probably going to do press releases at some time, if they're of a decent size, you know, they're going to need marketing services, regardless of their size, you just have to make sure that the marketing services and the price point match between the business and the agency that you're working with.

Keegan 9:23
You know, I've partnered in the past with people who have migrated out of web design, people who are building websites like crazy and then pivoted their business into products specifically around Divi, you know, those are great people who they have a backlog of clients. They've got people who have trusted them throughout the years, and now they've moved on into a different world will they need somebody to pick up that space because those people are not just going to quit calling them they're going to reach out to them and say, Hey, I still need a website. Do you know anybody who can build it and you want to be that person?

Keegan 9:57
So I think I've hit the the hole message of this podcast episode home, I think you fully understand it. I know that the scenario, the money situation itself. If that doesn't make sense, I don't know what will. I really, really am all in on on these partnerships, I think that they are a game changer for your business. So I really truly, as always appreciate you listening. I appreciate you being here. And once again, if you made it this far, go to Keegan linear com/vote. I would love to get your opinion. I need your opinion on whether or not you would want to get the podcast episodes a couple days early exclusively for the special VIPs. Well, I appreciate you. And as always, stay safe out there. Treat those around you with kindness be an awesome human being. And we'll see you in the next episode of the side hustle to full time web designer podcast. Take care.


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