October 20, 2021

23: Brand New Divi Condition Options Are Here!


Today we're talking through an exciting new feature release for Divi. The brand new condition options open up a world of possibilities. In this episode, we'll take you through some of them.

Watch this video to put these ideas in action > https://keeganlanier.com/video/how-to-use-condition-options-in-the-divi-theme/


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Episode transcript

Keegan 0:00
Welcome to the side hustle to full time web designer podcast. I'm your host, Keegan Lanier. I'm a corporate professional by day and side hustling web designer by night. I'm inviting you to come alongside me. As I take my web design side hustle full time. I share the highs, lows, lessons learned resources, and strategies I learned to help you do the same. Together will go from side hustle to full time web designer.

Keegan 0:35
What's up everybody? Welcome back to another episode of the side hustle to full time web designer podcast. My name is Keegan Lanier. I'm your host. And today we're talking all about this brand new feature that just came out. So Elegant Themes decided to drop something that we didn't even know we wanted. But man, I'm sure glad it's here. And that is the Divi condition options.

Keegan 1:00
So what exactly does that mean? Well, basically Elegant Themes has just given us a tremendous amount of power over who sees what on the visual builder. And more importantly, when instead, there's a few things that they've they've we've added into here. So if you, you go into any module, any row, any section, just like everything else in Divi, you go under Advanced, and there's condition section that's been added. And inside of there, you've got a ton of options, you know, you can set date and time. So you can create like a recurring promotional banner, you can set it by whether or not someone is logged into the site or not, you know, so you can have like a paid paid version of some blog post.

Keegan 1:44
So if you have premium blog posts on there, you can, you can set it to where those things won't show or something will show on top of that, and block out the content so that people have to sign up to get access to the content, you can do cart contents, so capture abandoned carts inside of WooCommerce. That's pretty amazing. And then there's a ton of other ones user status, you know, based on roles, again, whether or not they're they're logged in or logged out, there's some interaction options. So whether it's a certain date or time, hide display elements to users who have or have not visited certain pages.

Keegan 2:18
That's pretty crazy, right? retarget visitors on your website with unique content based on the way they interact with your site. It's just incredible, you know, product purchase options, cart contents, and the number of views. So you can hide or display an element based on how many times it's been viewed by visitor specific pages, whatever. You can even go so far as to set things up to where they only show on certain devices, right, so you can have it to where it's also only on certain operating systems. So if you only want someone who's in mobile, and using the safari mobile version, you can do that. You can hide or display elements based on the existence or the values of certain cookies stored in the visitors browser.

Keegan 3:01
That's like, incredibly powerful, right. And he can do it by post type post category post tag by author. You can also do it by location. So website location, you can hide or display elements on specific tag pages on category pages, on date archives, search results, post types, post them pages, there is so so so much to unwrap there, right? Because there's so much power. And so what I've started doing, and this is a shameless plug, but over on my YouTube channel, I've put out a video first that will walk you through what did he condition options look like inside the visual builder.

Keegan 3:40
So in a practical use, what do they look like. But then I've also I'm going to put out some more content behind that on some very practical, very specific ways that you you can use these condition options with some other things inside of the Divi Builder, specifically one that I just finished working on a few minutes ago, it was where you take a section, you shrink the section down and you put it in the bottom left hand corner of your site. And it's going to be a pop up that shows only whatever conditions you set up. So currently, I have it set up to show one time. And what that pop up has is a discount and access to a discount code. And I added in a little bit of jQuery, put a button at the top right hand corner that when you click that button, it actually closes and hides that pop up.

Keegan 4:28
So with it, we've effectively built our own pop up builder using just the power of the Divi Builder. And that is the beauty of what we have here. Right, we can set logic that only will show up once or will only show up to people who aren't signed up to your site, or to people who are only visiting the first time. So if you wanted to welcome people to your site, when they come to it the very first time you can now do that. So the power of this is just one more thing that Divi is putting in And not just putting into the plugin or into the theme, but putting it in in a very thoughtful way. And like all the different functionality that gets added into Divi, I feel like Elegant Themes is very thoughtful in the way they build it thoughtful in the way they roll it out and really thoughtful of the execution and how it can be layered in with so many of the other tools that are already built into Divi.

Keegan 5:24
I think they just they do it better than most. And this is why I love and will always come back to Divi no matter how many other things that test out. I do love oxygen builder, I think it's got some incredible things, the repeater, all these other functionalities that just work really well and oxygen, Divi, Divi brings its own qualities, its own strong points to the table. And a lot of times that's just really ease of use. And maybe that just comes with the fact that I've used Divi on countless projects over the last six years. So I'm extremely familiar with it, I feel like I've got the ability to Ben denita my will and make it look like not a Divi website, which makes it stand out, I think is really cool.

Keegan 6:09
And that's really all I've got in this episode. This was more of a product announcement because I haven't done those in a while. And this is a really, really big deal. And I'm kind of surprised that more people in the Divi community aren't talking more about this release. Because this is this is extremely, extremely powerful. And something just super cool. So if you're interested in learning more about that I will link up the most recent video I've done on my YouTube channel that's that will kind of walk you through all of the features and functionality of this new release inside of Divi.

Keegan 6:44
It's something that I take my time with, I show you the ins and outs of it, I show you the options I show you something you can do with it, like just an example. And if you subscribe to the channel, you're going to get a whole lot more of these, these little advanced setup ideas that can be used with the Divi Builder and the condition options. So I think there's a lot of really good value that can be learned for free. And if you click the link below, it's gonna take you directly to that video, you can check it out, if you like what you see, subscribe to the channel, like you've already subscribed to the podcast, join the great community we've got building here around this side hustle to full time web designer journey, and specifically around Divi, the tactics work. And the thought process works No matter if you use Divi or not. But it's definitely it's definitely a tool of choice.

Keegan 7:33
So if you like that, and you want to be a part of that you want to start in the conversations, and maybe even sometime soon be a part of a building. I don't even know what I want to call it. But like this, this group of us that I'm trying to build together a small group and a system to where we can actually build websites together in real time on a Google meet and be able to maybe not necessarily build in real time but to be able to collaborate and walk through and almost like a tutorial webinar groupthink session. That's something I'm thinking about and I would love to implement. And so if you're interested in being a part of that, whenever it does launch, the only way you're going to know about it is if you subscribe, so hit that button, subscribe and we'll see you in the next episode of the podcast. I seriously appreciate you have an awesome week and go out there and just be a kind human being. Thanks for listening to the side hustle to full time web designer podcast. Don't forget to subscribe and leave us a five star review on Apple podcasts. Also visit Keegan linear com to stay in touch


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