November 11, 2021

25: Crafting a Great Sales Page


Let's talk about a great sales page. I'll cover what is in my current Website Care Plan sales page and what I'll be adding to make it complete.

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Episode transcript

Keegan 0:36
What's going on everybody, welcome back to another episode of the podcast, you may or may not have noticed. Hopefully you did, that we missed last week, I missed an entire week. So I wanted to take a minute to just let's let's get real for a second. Sometimes life just comes at you, right? I try to batch these episodes, I try to make sure that the podcast is recorded. But I'm not always successful. Sometimes life happens. And I think I have more episodes in the can than I do. And you know, reality hits. And sometimes, you know, like, last week was a busy week. And I realized I didn't have an episode for you.

Keegan 1:09
And rather than throwing out trash, and just putting an episode out just for the sake of it, I really decided I didn't want to do that ever again. I've done it once or twice. And that's just not the way I want to deliver value for you. It's not what I want this podcast to be.

Keegan 1:26
So I wanted to address that, really, and just kind of talk about it. You know, we're all human beings, we all we all have things that come up. And sometimes there's curveballs that hit you. And sometimes there's busy weeks, and sometimes you just miss things. So with all that said, I just wanted to kick this episode off. And that's, that's its own little side tangent.

Keegan 1:45
But in this episode, we're talking about crafting a great sales page. So what exactly makes a great sales page. So I've got a ton of feedback from this particular sales page, the design of it the, you know, course information, it's led me to this layout, feedback from one on one sessions with some awesome people like Wes McDowell, individual community q&a is in a lot of things. So I'm going to link in the show notes, my website care plan for my agency. So Redefine Creative dash plan, it's going to give you access to the care plan sales page. And there's only one thing that I'm really missing. Well, two things actually that I'm missing that I do want to add to this page. But I'm going to walk you through what's on here first.

Keegan 2:33
So first and foremost, you need a big title, you need someone to know within seconds exactly what your sales page is all about what they're going to get, right. So mine is says website care plan, gain a trusted website partner who will make sure your website is protected with updates, security backups, and that is going to equal peace of mind. And then a link a call to action to protect your website now. So what I'm working on next, that's missing from this page is going to be a video, a walkthrough video that's going to talk through some of the things that are included in this care plan. So what people can actually expect if they do sign up, and then you know, that's that's something that's coming, it's going to come very soon.

Keegan 3:14
But the next thing on this page is really answering the question, why does the person that you're going after Why does your ideal client actually need what you're selling on the same on the sales page? And in the My example, you know, this is a care plan. So I asked the question, why do you need the care plan. And there's a few things that we've put in here that are really, I think the the reasons why someone would need a care plan. And number one is to save time. Now the second one I put in here is protect investment. Number three was a trusted website partner. Number four is to save money. And number five was to stay informed.

Keegan 3:48
And there and then I talked through the different functionalities inside of this, but I tried to keep them in groups of three, from a design standpoint is just easier on the eyes. And that kind of pulls the question, you know, you're able to answer that. And you can do a design wise, really however you however you feel. And that answers you know that that first question, but then the next part that I have in here is really the pitfalls, right?

Keegan 4:10
What's the downfall of not having whatever it is that the sales page is trying to sell. So in this case, the risk of not having a properly maintained website. And for me, there's there's five actions, but there are six different sections. If you go to the site, again, you'll be able to see the example. But it's website hacks, so website, no site backup plan, business impacts, oh, poor SEO, slight site speed, all that.

Keegan 4:34
And then really the last one is that it's in their hands. All of the stuff that needs to happen on the website is now the business's responsibility and the business like most business owners just want to run their business. They don't want to do some of these other things. So that's exactly where you can hire my agency to do those things. And for those of you out there who are listening who are actually website designers who want to offer this but don't want to do it yourself. We white label. So if you want us to do it and put a website on a management plan, we'll charge what we charge, you can charge your client, whatever it is you want to charge, and the difference is yours and you you don't do any work. It's kind of a sweet gig. But that's the second part is is the risks, why someone cannot not have what you're trying to sell.

Keegan 5:20
So now that we've answered, you know why someone needs it, what happens if they don't get it, we need to let them know specifically what they're actually going to get. So in this case, it's, you know, what's included in the care plan, its updates and optimization. So we take care of WordPress theme updates, plugin updates and image optimizations.

Keegan 5:38
We also do website backup. So we have a plan for that, right. We've got nightly backups, a 30, day backup history, fast web site recovery if something happens, and priority restoration. So if something does go wrong, their site's going to come back up quick. So that's peace of mind. Right. We've also got monitoring and protection. So website security, blocking for spam 24/7 site uptime launch website, file, lockdown. And all that means is its security, its peace of mind, right.

Keegan 6:08
And then we've got Site Reports. So each month, we're going to send a report that gives a overall update of what happened on the website, update summary, site traffic site uptime, and depending on the setup of what they've gone through with the plan, it could include some other things, some SEO, hosting data, a lot of different things. But those are the core. And then I also have in here, some premium services that are offered, because I think it's important for someone to know that to do these things, it's going to still cost them money. So image optimization, Site Security, SEO tools, and free site migration are part of the plan. So you know, a lot of these things, there's tools that we spend money on, that the business doesn't won't have to.

Keegan 6:52
And in here, I also like to call out the bonuses. So if you sign up for a care plan, and you do work outside of the scope of the care plan, or if it's outside of additional development for your website, you get a discounted hourly rate. So you get a prefer a preferable hourly rate, you get priority support, you get an auto updating privacy policy policy from my friends over at term again. And then you also get unlimited copy and media updates every single month. So just as long as you sign up, you get free copy updates, and some stuff you want to change on your websites and a new image will flip it out for you no problem.

Keegan 7:30
Then I've got a few examples of some of the things that we use the uptime, monitoring malware scanning, just examples of kind of what's what. And then we move into the very final Well, second to final section, which is a frequently asked questions. And that's where there's multiple answers to some of the objections or obstacles that people might have to sign up for the plan. You know, are there cancellation fees? Do you charge a setup fee? Do you take on sites that you didn't actually build? What happens if I pass on the plan and my site gets hacked? You know, all those all those questions we answer, and there's there's thoughts and reasons behind it.

Keegan 8:08
The last part of that frequently asked questions section is this. No risk guarantee, notice something that stands out something that lets people know that they can sign up, you know, our plan, it'll come with a no risk, no questions asked guarantee, if the unlikely event that you want to pull your site from the plan, you only pay for the period that you've already paid for. So there won't prorate anything. But if you paid for a month, you're going to pay for that month, and then we'll cancel things at the end of the month. If you paid for a year, you're going to get the support for a whole year and let even if you decide to move on, so there won't be a refund on that one. But you do have a no risk guarantee, you know, basically, whatever you've paid, you don't you won't pay any more you can exit and you're and you're good.

Keegan 8:48
And that transitions really into that final section, which is the section that really matters. And that's where you can actually pick the plan that you want. And there are so many different options as far as the way people can set up plans. You know, a lot of people go with the three different options, the three levels, you know, like a beginner, intermediate and an expert or, you know, bronze, silver gold. A lot of people go those routes. For me personally, I have one entry level plan that I promote, it's $99 a month, it's for basic, you know, brochure websites, not for E commerce and things like that. And it's it's $99 a month and includes there's a there's a fixed set of features, you know, it's it's no contracts, you can cancel anytime it's $99 a month, or it's $999 per year.

Keegan 9:36
Now, if someone box it that if I'll build the site for him, and they're like, Yeah, you know, I really don't want to pay $99 a month, I do have a down sell some things that I strip away to give them a more affordable option that's still going to care, you know, take care of the updates is going to take care of the backup plan. And I do that because there there is really a bare minimum that people need to do with their websites. But then you know, there's also another plan that I have that's in up here, that is the more premium version, which is for E commerce. And for bigger, more complicated websites that have a lot more traffic. So you know, this is just the main one, this is the Joe, or average Joe business plan, it fits with most businesses.

Keegan 10:18
And that's kind of the that's the approach I've taken, you know, you the details, you can really put however you want, but those things are the key of what actually needs to be on your site. And there's one last section that I didn't mention, because it's not on my site yet. But I'm working to collect and really organize and make sure I've got the right ones up. And that's testimonials. There's nothing better. Nothing more important than social proof. So make sure you get that make sure you put it on your sites, and your sales page is going to kick ass.

Keegan 10:47
So, you know, I'm really, really thankful that you came back. Sorry, I missed the week. Again, human beings making human being decisions, I guess. So I chose comfort of life and to focus on my other things first. And yeah, it just was what it was. But I look forward to seeing you next week. I hope you come back and yeah, I'll catch you in the next episode. Thanks for listening to the side hustle to full time web designer podcast. Don't forget to subscribe and leave us a five star review on Apple podcasts. Also, visit Keegan to stay in touch


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