November 17, 2021

26: How I'm Using the New Divi Features


In this episode, I share a few new Divi updates with you as well as where I'm building real layouts you can get for your own projects.

Divi Updates:

  • Full Site Front End Editor
  • Icon Overhaul

You'll be able to download this layout. Look for the "Save your money today" graphic and the Custom Website Popup video at

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Episode transcript

Keegan 0:35
What's happening side hustlers Welcome to another episode of the side hustle to full time web designer podcast. My name is Keegan Lanier, I'm your host, and this is episode 25. And today, you know it's been a little bit since I've done an episode that was about a release you know, we talked about the Divi condition options, a handful of episodes go way back in late September.

Keegan 0:57
But now we're here towards the end of November. And we've had two big feature releases since then, that I haven't even talked about and the first one is full site front end editing. That one is a pretty big deal right? Because you know usability is something that Elegant Themes is really prided themselves on with Divi, tried to make it easy, tried to make it fast, trying to make it simple. And one thing that was always kind of a pain in the butt honestly was that if you had the if you had the visual builder up and you were building something in a page, if you needed to update the header or the footer, you kind of screwed or really in general, if you needed to, to update the template itself, you were kind of out of luck.

Keegan 1:36
And so what they've done is they've they've created this full site front end editing, and how awesome it is like if you're in the page and you're building and you're trying to create a page and you realize you need to make a tweak to the header, all you have to do is hover over the editor, it's gonna say Edit Header header templates, and you can click on that and immediately you're going to have the ability to edit the template for that header, which is something you could just couldn't do before you have to go into the back end, go into Divi Theme options, go to Divi Builder, open up the header template, and then edit that template and save it then go back to your page and make the edits that you need to make.

Keegan 2:16
And so that was a process, right? I mean, it just took a lot of time and it didn't work very smoothly. So they've they've pretty much fixed that. And Divi is broad the upgrade that we didn't even know that we needed and that's one thing they've done over the last handful of years really, really well. The efficiency features to make things just work better. And that was the first release, you know, that was just one that they put out on October 28. So you know getting close to a month ago or three weeks ago.

Keegan 2:48
But they didn't stop there. They did. They took it another step farther and they added in this this major icon update. And Divis icons have been pretty good for a while, but not great. In fact, they used WP Divi icon party, or something along those lines, I can't remember the name of the plugin, but I used it for a while because it had search functionality. It had a lot more icons and even some handcrafted icon. So it still brings a value for sure if you if you're looking for more premium option. But they they brought in this update. And it's cool because you can change icons on hover. You can change icons on different devices, mobile tablet, desktop, just as you can for a lot of the other options.

Keegan 3:34
But they added in this search feature where you can just click in type in what you're looking for. And it'll filter through the icons and only bring up the ones that are related to what you typed in. And then you can even filter down by the Divi icons, they've integrated Font Awesome. You've got solid icons or line icons that you can choose from the different style. So it's, it's simple, but it's still 100 times better than what it was before. It was very usable, which is huge, right? It brings in a lot more ability to do things and customize what you're trying to build. And they took it another step farther, they added in an icon module.

Keegan 4:15
So icons are no longer tied to blurbs and things like that, you can actually build your own custom columns and custom blurbs. And you can do that with that icon module. So in one of the latest videos that I've put out on YouTube, or when that's it should be coming out if you're depending on when you're listening to this, it may already be out. But what I did is I created a custom pop up that I used the the condition options that they put out at the end of October, and I paired that with the new icon module. So you've got this, you've got this icon or this image. And you can use either one. I may have actually used an image in that in that example, but it could very well be an icon as well.

Keegan 4:59
And did in that video, I put the whole thing together made this pop up, added a little bit of jQuery to where you can click a close button and it'll disappear. And I did that just to show like some of the power of the condition options and what you can do with that. But also as an alternative, because a lot of people pay a lot of money for pop up builders. You know, if you're, if you're with Divi you've got, I think it's bloom. Honestly, I never use the plugins from Elegant Themes, not because they are good, just because I don't have a real need for them.

Keegan 5:33
But in this case, if you were trying to do that email signup, or any sort of messaging to someone who goes to a website, now you have the ability, and if you watch the video, like the extra code, I provide the layout, all you have to do is drop it into your page, that section will do what it needs to do. And then you can use the visual builder to style it as you see fit. So it just gives a whole lot more power. And going back to the icons, you can style, the alert, the the attention grabber the call to action style piece in that design with one of these icons, and you have a ton more options.

Keegan 6:13
And so there's the whole new picker, like I mentioned, you know, it's got the search options, you've got the filter, you can actually click and expand where it'll take up a bunch of the page and just give you access to see more of the icons at once. So it makes a definitely made definitely makes a difference. Wow, that was that was painful. I'm gonna leave that name because it's funny. It's natural, right. But the other thing, another really big impressive update that they did is that after all the years of people requesting it and people wanting it and people begging for it.

Keegan 6:49
Elegant Themes has added icons for 36 new social media networks. And, you know, it's kind of funny, I'm looking at this thing, and I believe, let me double check real quick, but I'm pretty sure that they still have Google Plus. And yes, they still have Google Plus listed in here, which is really, really funny. I don't understand why I mean that when they could have taken out it's been gone for a long time. But they did add telegram and Tik Tok and a bunch of other social platforms. So now those icons are built into Divi, naturally. And that includes the social, the social networks, that's in the icon pack as well.

Keegan 7:31
So there's so many different options and things that you can do with that. And that's really, you know, what I've got for this episode, I want to give you the updates if you haven't, and the reason I'm talking about them here, I know you know, for those you've been around for a long time, there was there was a time actually the way this entire journey and podcasting started was all about the countdown to Divi 3.0 with the visual builder, and you know, taking it taking me way back. But where we are now is all about the side hustle journey. And I like to share these updates, mainly because their education in my journey.

Keegan 8:06
So I like to go in, read through the releases, find out what's possible play with those options, which I have in generally create a video on YouTube that's going to be accompanied by some sort of a layout for you. So if that's something you're interested in jumping to the YouTube channel, check it out, download the layout, use it, shoot me a message, let me know what you build with it. But I appreciate you. I hope you have an amazing week and we'll catch you in the next episode. Thanks for listening to the side hustle to full time web designer podcast. Don't forget to subscribe and leave us a five star review on Apple podcasts. Also, visit Keegan to stay in touch


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