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18:Partnering With Other People For Leads And So Much More

Lead generation directly connects with increases in sales. In this episode, i'm sharing a few tips for lead generation, some industries i've approached to partner with for lead generation and the impact it can have on your business. I've also started playing with the idea of a Side Hustle VIP club to get early access […]

17: Let's Talk About Burnout

In this episode, I'm sharing my thoughts on feeling burnout. It's real and we have to acknowledge it. My area has been hit with a few hurricanes in the past year, plus a global pandemic and so many other factors that can consume our mental energy. Burnout is dangerous. I'm sharing my thoughts so that […]

16: The Place I Spend The Most Time Connecting (it's not a social network)

As the years go by, I am less and less concerned with the number of followers and likes. I'm more interested in stronger connections with fewer people. I want to help and be helped by passionate, driven, entrepreneurial-minded badasses. I've found a community of exactly those types of people and I'm spending nearly all of […]

15: The Power In Building Your Business Slowly

The benefits of building slowly are never noticed until you're farther down the road. When I started side hustling, I'd hoped I'd be closing in on six figures within a year or two. Truthfully, sometimes my eyes are bigger than my stomach. I feel like something is so easy because I can see the finish […]

14: The Biggest Mistakes I've Made in My Side Hustle Journey

Mistakes will happen. I've made plenty of them. It's not important if they will happen. The most important thing is how you react when they do happen. In this episode, I share some of the biggest mistakes I've made so far in my journey. Share your mistakes with me and let's talk through them at […]

13: How I Handle Work Outside The Normal Scope for Clients on My Care Plan

Staying within the scope of a project is CRITICAL. Today i'm sharing a few mistakes made and some ways to help stay on track. Get Started with Siteground today > Checkout Josh Hall's Web Design Club >

12: The Basics of Running A Successful Care Plan

In this episode, I walk you through my tips for running a successful Care Plan aka Maintenance Plan. I've made a few mistakes and had some big wins with my care plan. We'll go through all of those today... Check out this episode and all of it's details over at If you're interested in […]

11: How A Promotion Has Me Adjusting My Side Hustle

Side hustles can be amazing. They can also make you crazy if you do something just for the money. You have to find things in life that you love. I've been side hustling for a few years and have always been torn. I love my day job. I love my side hustle. Recently, I got […]

10: Containing The Craziness of Juggling Multiple Projects

Juggling multiple projects and sometimes even a single project can be A LOT OF WORK... In this episode, I talk through ways to reduce development time, systematize your work, and how to keep clients on track. As always, let's continue the conversation over on my website at Today's Sponsor This episode is sponsored by […]

9: Not Feeling Alone When You Work Alone

When you operate as a solopreneur it can get lonely. The work can keep you isolated. One of the best things I've found to keep me motivated, on the edge of creativity, and happy has been finding awesome communities. Elegant Themes has built an incredible community around the Divi theme and so many great developers […]
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