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How To Use Divi Layout Packs

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The Goal For This Post

Show you how to import a downloaded Divi Layout. The fact that we are able to transport layouts like this is a testament to Divi’s awesomeness!

What are Divi Layout Packs?

Divi Layout Packs are basically child themes without the child theme. It’s an exported Divi Builder design that can be imported on any other site.

The beauty of this is that it requires no extra plugins, no php skills, no access to the file manager and no need to visit a child theme generator (if you don’t want to build your own).

What Will You Get From This Tutorial?

You will finish this tutorial with the ability to use any layout pack. We’ll teach you how to import layouts packs into the Divi Library. We’ll also teach you how to create a new page using a layout from the Divi Library.

If you want to take this to the next level, learn how to master the Divi Builder Import / Export Tool.

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How To Use Divi Layout Packs